There are lots of what appear to be unbelievable MOT deals about or are they! We like to promote ours on trust and quality with no hidden costs.  Take advantage of specialist  Škoda technicians, whose skills are regularly updated and are fully trained and experienced in new technology.  We also provide services to aid convenience such as pickup and drop off in town, just to make life that little bit easier.  

Service Team

Jeremy Keen

Accredited Aftersales Manager

Chris Little

Parts Manager

Steve Wedgbury

Service Technician / MOT tester

Chanelle Guy

Accredited Senior Service Advisor

Sean Turner

Accredited Service Advisor

Media Expert

Jonathan Radnor

Master Technician / MOT tester

Dave Rudd

Qualified Technician / MOT tester

Tim Guest

Qualified Technician / MOT tester

Stuart Clark

Qualified Technical 

Farren Hayes

Service Technician

Jason Millard


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