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What is the MOTABILITY Scheme?

Motability is the Leading Car Scheme that enables Disabled People to lease a new car using their Government Funded Mobility Allowance - it can give you freedom & independence!

If you or a member of your family receives the HIGHER RATE DISABLED LIVING ALLOWANCE (DLA), PIPS, or WAR PENSIONERS MOBILITY SUPPLEMENT (WPMS), you may be eligible to turn part or all of that allowance into a Motability package from Faintree Skoda and drive away in a New Skoda Car!

If you are the one in receipt of the Allowance, but -

                     - Can't drive

                     - Are underage (i.e. a child) or

                     - If you are visually impaired,

- it is still possible to nominate up to 2 other people to drive the car for you - such as a carer - and get you mobile!

There are NO credit checks, and NO waiting lists, and there is often little or NO advance payment

A Motability car from Faintree Skoda includes a new Skoda car of your choice every 3 years, and covers all basic running costs (except fuel).

The Scheme includes 3 years:-

            - Servicing, Maintenance, & repairs

             - Full insurance & personal accident cover

             - Road Tax

             - Full RAC breakdown cover

             - FREE Replacement Tyres, window & Windscreen

             - 60,000 mileage allowance over the 3 years

Running your own car can cost you THOUSANDS ££ more than driving a BRAND NEW SKODA car through Motability;

Plus we can even buy your old car off you, and either gives you the "cash" back or, you could put the money towards the initial payment of a higher specified car on the Motability scheme.

Faintree proud to be a PREMIER MOTABILITY DEALER with comfortable facilities, and now even EASIER ACCESS, RAMP and PARKING, plus AUTOMATIC OPENING entrance doors. Do call in anytime for a cuppa and a chat with one of our friendly experts!

To arrange your appointment with our Motability Specialists Alex Hornby, Joe Edwards or Mark Touron on 01952 204999

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